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Orlando Apopka Airport Repair Days

Scheduled for November 14, 15 & 16

Many owners have expressed a need to complete minor repairs around their hangar but either do not have the time or the necessary equipment. As a result, the Association is setting up a period of three (3) days (Repair Days) in November for owners to schedule needed repairs/cleaning.

Mike Herington will coordinate the work and the repairs. Most of you know Mike, who is responsible for the landscaping maintenance on the field and also performs a variety of other maintenance and repairs as needed.

The Association will pay for any equipment needed such as a high lift. Liability coverage will be provided by Mike Herrington. Owners will need to pay for the labor plus pay for and supply the materials.

The Repair Days are scheduled for November 14, 15 16. In order for the coordination to be easy, all repairs will be at the same hourly rate: $35.00/hr.

Click here to sign up for 2012 repair days!

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