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Architectural Review Guidelines

The Orlando Apopka Airport is arguably one of the most attractive airports in the region.  In addition to its newness, it is also enhanced with natural landscaping as well as constructed landscaping.  Its overall attractiveness has occurred in part due to the consistency of our Hangar structures related to design, coloring, landscaping, trim and general aesthetics.

In an effort to retain the overall attractiveness of the airport, it is requested that owners use the following architectural guidelines when building, remodeling and/or landscaping.  These guidelines are concerned primarily with the exterior airport properties.

General Outside Appearance:  The best way to describe the general appearance guidelines is to provide examples.  Reference A displays a sample hangar.  Notice the design and coloring of the siding, roof, trim and landscaping.  These items are standard and when used would fully fall within the architectural guidelines.

Of course owners who wish to build or remodel will wish to select a contractor of thier own choice.  However, please see Reference B for a list of contractors that have completed work on the airport property in the past.  It may give owners a place to start.

Guidelines that relate to specific constructs are:

  1. Outside Skirts: Skirts are a building permit requirement, but a choice may be made among three styles.  Please see Reference C for the three styles.
  2. Trim Color:  Forrest Green is standard.
  3. Landscaping:  A variety of different landscaping configurations are workable.  It is recommended that Mike Harrington be consulted to review your landscaping plan.  His phone number is 407-468-1940
  4. Outside Lights:  There should be outside lights on each hangar.  Preferably the lights should be dark and/or motion activated lights in order to improve security at night.
  5. Hangers Located on Front Taxi-Way:  The exterior appearance of these hangars is especially important since they generally provide the first impression of our airport.  Often the growth of the airport will be influenced by these first impressions.  As a result, a few additional architectural guidelines for the front hangars are:
    • See Reference D for an example of a standard appearance of the side facing the front taxi-way.  Please notice the black color around windows and doors.  The windows in this reference are there for esthetic value only and are not real functioning windows.  Faux windows and landscaping are recommended.
    • Hangar Doors:  Hangar door should face the east/west taxiways, not the main taxi-way.
    • Balconies:  Balconies should be avoided on the hangar side facing the main taxi-way.

Note 1:  These guidelines do not replace those items that may be required by the county building department for permitting service.  If any contradiction arises, the county building department requirements take precedent. 

Reference A


Reference B

Under Construction (Pun Intended)

  • Carberry Development (Bill Spitler, President) – CGC005507 – Phone : 407-385-3069 – Cell: 407-718-6525 – E-mail:  billspitler@cfl.rr.com
  • HENNS Construction Services, Inc – CGC026398 (General) – CMC026398 (Mechanical) – CFC025572 (Plumbing) – 352-267-1082
  • Jim Passilla – Builder – CBC1250276 – Phone:  407-342-2208


Reference C


Reference D

For the benefit of the owners, an important role of the Orlando Apopka Airport Association (OAAA) Board is to maintain the aesthetic value of the airport property.  To ensure that exterior properties meet guidelines for consistent and functional appeal, owners desiring to modify an existing hangar or build a new hangar are requested to complete an Architectural Review form.   The OAAA Board of Directors will subsequently review the owner’s plan in relation to property guidelines and will return the result to the owner within 30 days of application.  Please refer to The Orlando Apopka Airport Architectural Guidelines and the Orlando Apopka Airport Declaration of Condominumns for a description of the Guidelines.

Helpful links and documents:

If you have any questions regarding the Architectural Guidelines for the Orlando Apopka Airport, please send an e-mail to OAAOwnersAssoc@OrlX04.org or leave a message at (407) 308-KX04 (5904) and someone will respond to your question.


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